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Kings vs. Spurs final score: San Antonio closes late, wins 112-104

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The Kings' big three had strong games, but the Spurs closed.

Kevin C. Cox

Despite a tremendous third quarter and a big night from the team's top three players, the Kings fell to the Spurs 112-104 in San Antonio on Sunday night. DeMarcus Cousins led the Kings with 29 points and 14 rebounds. Rudy Gay added 24 and Isaiah Thomas perked up in the second half to add 27.

The Kings trailed by eight at the half, but won the third 38-24 with an offensive explosion. The Kings offense imploded late in the fourth, though, with a couple of ugly turnovers and tough shot attempts. The game was tied at 102 with three minutes left; the Spurs ended it on a 10-2 run. Tony Parker clinched the game with two big shots in the final minute.

Manu Ginobili paced the Spurs with 28 on 9-16 shooting. Ben McLemore and Marcus Thornton had rough nights at the office.

The Kings play Houston on Tuesday.