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Kings Links: End Of the Year Edition!

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The year is almost over and. we have a little bit of it all, from the Kings partnership with a group from India, a scathing rant by Coach Malone, and an All Star endorsement from LeBron.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN: Coach Malone's rant after the loss the the Pelicans went viral. I, for one, loved the rant. It really seemed to light a fire under us the last two games. I love having a coach that is more Popovich than Keith Smart. Coach knew what he was doing and I applaud it.

Sacramento Bee: The Kings announced a new partnership with the Krrish Group. The group is responsible for bringing Jimboys Tacos over to India. This is just another step in Vivek's plan for globalizing our team.

The New Orleans Advocate: The New Orleans Saints fans attempted to break the sound record set by the Kings fans on November 15th but maxed out at a measly 122.6 decibels. I know it's in a much bigger setting, but it is amazing to me that 70,000 people can't get louder even if it is a football stadium. This is a great testament to Kings fans!

Bleacher Report: The folks at BR posted 5 ways for the Kings to improve. While I agree with all five, I think I would have put our bench play somewhere in there. I don't know which one I would take off to put that there, but it is a huge part. The Spurs game could have been one sided going our way if we just had some more bench guys. LeBron thinks that DeMarcus should be an All Star. Hard to argue with that!

Twitter: Aaron Bruski, Carmichael Dave, Aykis, and many more took on Darren Rovell on Twitter. BREAKING NEWS: He still doesn't think he was wrong.