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Kings vs. Lakers final score: Sacramento crumbles late, loses 106-100

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The Kings straight up sucked in the fourth quarter.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings probably should have beaten the Lakers on Friday, but the fourth quarter was an unmitigated disaster and L.A. won 106-100. Jodie Meeks and Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 19 apiece. Ben McLemore and DeMarcus Cousins each scored 20 for the Kings.

In the fourth, the Kings scored 13 points in 22 possessions while giving up 25. Before a meaningless McLemore three at the end, the Kings had committed four straight turnovers. Michael Malone did try to shake things up late in the quarter; he yanked Isaiah Thomas with four minutes left after some dicey offensive possessions, including an atrocious I.T. turnover. But McLemore, who had a breakout night, sat most of the fourth as Marcus Thornton played. Patrick Patterson also got big minutes despite bad shooting; Jason Thompson played well early, but didn't play in the fourth.

This was a bad loss, all told. The Kings are in Salt Lake on Saturday.