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Kings' win over Jazz as metaphor for Sacramento's season

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Two players did it all, basically, with some help from others. That's the Kings' story.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

If you're looking for this Kings season to date in a nutshell, the win over the Jazz on Saturday does a pretty good job of it. The Kings needed overtime to beat the worst team in the NBA, and won on the backs of basically two players: DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas. Ben McLemore, showing glimpses of future success, added some timely plays, none better than the game-tying three inside of five seconds in regulation.

But Boogie and I.T. did most of the important work here, at least on offense. Cousins had 28 on 10-15 shooting, Thomas dropped 26 on 8-14 shooting with nine assists. For the season, the two are the Kings' top scorers at 22 and 17.8 ppg respectively. They are also No. 2 and 3 in assists per game and within the team's top four in effective field goal percentage and True Shooting.

Most notably, they are both in the NBA's top 10 in PER. The Kings are the league's only team with two players that high. Boogie is No. 6, I.T. is No. 10. Only one other King has a starter-level PER -- Travis Outlaw at 15. Greivis Vasquez is at 14.5. Everyone else is lower.

Cousins has looked like a legitimate star this season, and Thomas actually isn't far behind based on the numbers. Vasquez and Outlaw have been pretty good. McLemore, as noted, has shown flashes but is still below the level of consistent positive contributor. The power forwards have been surprising drains. The small forwards are, you know, the small forwards.

As Akis wrote this week, the Kings need more good players, plain and simple.