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Rudy Gay trade causes lineup shifts galore for Kings

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There are, needless to say, massive ramifications for the remaining Kings in the wake of the trade for Rudy Gay.

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The Kings trading four players for Rudy Gay, Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy obviously has massive implications for the teams' lineups. Let's go through them one by one.

STARTING POINT GUARD: Greivis Vasquez is gone, which means that Isaiah Thomas is the clear starter at the point. This is a good thing. Isaiah has been the team's second best player and best guard. He remained on the bench because ... well, I'm sure there were reasons. I didn't think it was totally unreasonable to start Vasquez but lean heavily on Isaiah as a reserve. No more of that: he's the starter.

BACKUP POINT GUARD: One of two possibilities -- Jimmer Fredette gets another shot running the team (doubtful), or Ray McCallum gets minutes. Ray is free, everybody! Ray is free!

SMALL FORWARD: It looks like, based on tweets from Marc Spears, that Derrick Williams and Rudy Gay may both be playing the forward spots interchangeably. I wouldn't mind seeing how that works. Neither can shoot a lick, but they are really athletic and both rebound well. John Salmons is not better than Rudy Gay, I'll say that. Quincy Acy is also a combo forward, for what it's worth, though I can't imagine him leaping Travis Outlaw from the start.

POWER FORWARD: While Jason Thompson may head to the bench if Gay and Williams are the starting forwards, he'll likely get more minutes with Patrick Patterson and Chuck Hayes gone. Patterson played more than 24 minutes per game, all at power forward.

BACKUP CENTER: Aaron Gray will possibly get the minutes Chuck Hayes and Hamady N'Diaye received behind DeMarcus Cousins. It's him, N'Diaye or Thompson.

The "one player too many" crush at shooting guard is unaltered: either Marcus Thornton or Jimmer is likely to rot on the bench unless Fredette gets point guard minutes ahead of McCallum. The big ol' question at starting point guard is solved. The forward situation is more fluid than ever. This team done changed big-time.