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Kings vs. Mavericks preview: Still a game to be played

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Lost in the trade mayhem of yesterday is the fact that the Kings have to play the Mavericks today.

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Lost in a lot of yesterday's excitement is the fact that the Kings have a game today.   How about that!  The newest Kings will not be playing in tonight's game however as they move from Toronto in hopes of being available Wednesday night.


Ray McCallum vs. Anybody

Tonight marks the first time that Ray McCallum will likely see meaningful minutes in the NBA and I for one could not be more excited to see how he does.  I enjoyed watching McCallum in the Summer League and in his short time in Reno.  With Isaiah promoted to the starting lineup, McCallum has to fill a big void.  Will he be a distributor, a scorer, or both?  Boom or bust, I'm glad he'll finally get a chance to prove himself.


1. Monta Ellis.  The mercurial shooting guard is having his best year to date, and it's likely because he doesn't have to be "the man" next to Dirk.  His TS% of .564 is a career-high and the Kings will be hard pressed to stop his penetration.   I think this is another good test for Kings rookie Ben McLemore.

2. Shorthanded Rotation.  After this trade, the Kings will be dressing just 10 players tonight.  Hamady N'Diaye might see big time minutes out of pure necessity.

3. Isaiah as a starter.  Isaiah has been phenomenal off the bench so far, let's see if he can keep it up as a full-time starter.


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Monta Have it All.
Except a contract in Sac.
For that, I'm thankful.


Kings 141, Mavericks 32 as Kings players experience burst of boundless energy upon being freed from the shackles of Salmonsdom.