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February 9 is Here We Buy Night, and this is it

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The fight is nearly over. Let's finish strong.

Editor's note: Ed wrote this. I posted it for him and ran out the door ... and didn't realize I forgot to edit the byline until now. Whoops! Ed wrote this. -- TZ


This is it ... (hopefully). For years this fanbase has had to endure not only a bad basketball product on the floor and the worst of owners in sports but also constant threats of relocation and an NBA-approved arena plan being burned to the ground by "developers" and "economists." And after thinking that the worst had past, that we may have some time to take a breather, the last battle this city needs to win to keep its team is here.

I won't lie: I fear Seattle, I always have. So when a text woke me up at 2 a.m. on a work day about a tweet some random chick had put out there regarding the Maloofs selling to Hansen I couldn't go back to bed. Once the claim was proven somehow accurate panic starting setting in. I feared Seattle for one reason and one reason only: money. They have lots of it and if there's one thing I've learned about the business of basketball is that sometimes cash is louder than sell out streaks and "Sa-Cra-Men-To" chants. So I worried and immediately thought we were screwed... and then I remembered Anaheim. I remembered the national media writing us off, remembered Saucy Longfellow's "pies in the sky," and remembered what everyone in ths city, from the average fan to our mayor, did to keep this team where it belonged... where it still belongs. I remembered this and why we fight. And I also realized that this is it.

We've been hoping for new ownership and a new arena in this city for a long time, and while this is not the perfect situation, obviously, this is that chance... it's all or nothing. We either get new ownership, a new arena, and changes all over this org, or we lose our team and call it an era.

KJ (God, where would we be without this dude?) has outlined the plan: He got his local representatives, and soon will be announcing the "whales" (what up, Mark and Ron!!). After that an arena plan will be outlined and then he'll prove once again why this market deserves this team. Can't really do much about these... he already has the local guys, we don't have enough money to be "whales", and we'll leave the arena stuff to the pros. But the one thing we can do is help him prove, once again, why the NBA should not leave this market. We know the NBA's financing committee will be "assessing fan support" and while this fanbase has years of history, it never hurts to send a fresh reminder to these owners. Yes, we sold out 19 out of 28 seasons. Yes, we put up with terrible owners for years. Yes, we rallied when Anaheim tried to take this team. Yes, this city approved an arena plan. But we have to prove ourselves one more time... maybe for the last time. That time, right now, is February 9th.

Here We Buy night is about supporting KJ and giving more ammo for when he flies to New York to plead our case. It's one more (maybe small) card up his sleeve. It's a chance to get on national TV (NBATV) and local TV (News10) and show that the people in this town still care. That attendance the past few years is more of a reflection of the ineptitude that has plagued this franchise for years. To show that we care a lot about the jobs that are on the line: from Grant and Jerry, to the G-Man, to Moak, to Jen and Fresh, to the new media guys, and all the way down to the ushers and parking attendants. February 9th should be a distraction from all the legal jargon, bankruptcy courts, and trolls from the Northwest. It's a chance to throw a coupe jabs of our own, and see if we somehow connect. And most important of all, it's a chance... maybe the last chance, to fill out the place that has given us so many memories for 27 years.

From what I hear there are still a good number of seats available and there are also a few ticket deal out there: the Kings 90s retro pack has tickets as cheap as $20 (for 3 games!) and there's also a promo here (special promo code "cowbell"). There is also a group of fans starting to organize a tailgate. Since it's a Saturday, let's turn this into a party (Facebook event here).

So tell your friends, bring your family, and spread the word. Lets fill this place up as much as possible. Chant flyers will be out next week, bring your signs, bring the cowbells, will this awful team (it's true!) to a win yet again. Bring some momentum back to this movement to keep the Kings here because this is it.

I keep hearing about fans from out of town (or even in Sacramento) that would like to donate tickets to those who cant make it. Make it known in the comments and connect with someone and maybe help them get to the arena that night (make sure they promise to be as loud as possible!). StR has gone from almost 600K views in December to over 1.3 mil views in January... this is the place where Kings fans get together so lets rally together.

One last thing, if you'd like to help us out and hand out flyers outside the arena, as we have in the past, please email We hope to get a good group to make sure everyone that enters the place knows about the night and about the chants. I'm sure the promotion from all angles will pick up as the night gets closer but it starts with the fans and as far as I know, this is the place to find them.

Make it count. This is it!