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NBA trade rumors: Kings 'very unlikely' to make a major move

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Surprise! The Kings, with the ownership situation totally unsettled, will not be making any major moves.


It's trade deadline week in the NBA, which totally means something to most NBA fans ... except the Sacramento Kings. With the ownership situation uncertain, it appears that Geoff Petrie will not be receiving clearance to make any trades involving major names. From Jason Jones of The Bee:

"It's very unlikely we'd move any of our top players at this point," basketball president Geoff Petrie said. The unsettled ownership situation has put deals on hold.

Given that Petrie is still the GM, this is probably a good thing. I don't mean that as snark directed at Petrie, but more that the next GM -- whether it's a guy in Seattle or a guy in Sacramento -- needs to be able to take stock of the assets and formulate a plan to get this team in the playoffs within a couple years. The worst thing that could happen would be for someone to waste some of those assets on less valuable assets that "fit" this team better. It's best to let the next GM make those calls.

That said, it makes for a boring deadline week.