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Tyreke Evans trade rumors: Kings guard could be dealt

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Jason Jones of The Bee reports the Kings could trade Tyreke Evans before the deadline Thursday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings may not be done at the 2013 NBA Trade Deadline. They traded Thomas Robinson on Wednesday. And Tyreke Evans may be next, according to The Bee's Jason Jones.

It's interesting that the knee injury and not the franchise's ownership uncertainty is credited with stopping the trade talks in January. I was certainly convinced before about 5 p.m. on Wednesday that the Kings would only tinker. But that's all out the window after the T-Rob deal.

Evans will be a restricted free agent in July as the Kings and the 2010 Rookie of the Year couldn't reach an extension agreement in the offseason. He was hinted at in Rudy Gay rumors, and the Mavericks, Grizzlies and Raptors have in the past said to be interested. The Celtics have been mentioned in past rumors, too.