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Ron Burkle will also own a share of Kings under Mark Mastrov bid, according to report

Reports following Kevin Johnson's State of the City address said that while Ron Burkle is taking the lead on the arena project, he will also contribute to the bid for the team.

While Ron Burkle will be focused as a lead investor on the new downtown area on K Street, he will also join Mark Mastrov in the bid to purchase the Sacramento Kings, according to multiple reports.

From CBS Sports' Ken Berger:

Billionaire Ron Burkle will take the lead on a new downtown arena and also will have a stake in the team if the city's bid is successful, along with a team of other investors.

From The Bee:

[Kevin] Johnson said Burkle would be the driving force behind the arena plan, while Mastrov would lead the charge on the bid for the Kings. Sources said both men would contribute financially to both the arena and the team acquisition.

This should head off one of the digs Seattle fans have been floating since they were all glued to their screens watching KJ make Sacramento's case. There had been questions as to whether Mastrov could finance a team long-term himself. He can, and he has back-up in the form of Burkle. It's pretty much an identical situation in Seattle, where Chris Hansen has a much more wealthy partner (Steve Ballmer) behind him.