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DeMarcus Cousins' temper continues to be out of control

DeMarcus Cousins had another ejection on Sunday, and this one might draw a suspension, too, as he elbowed Mike Dunleavy in the dome after a yelling match.

Another day, another DeMarcus Cousins ejection. The Kings center has a stunning three Flagrant-2 fouls this season. He was booted from the game after officials reviewed his elbow to Mike Dunleavy's head, as seen above. The elbow came after Dunleavy and Cousins got tangled up on a Milwaukee fast break. Cousins came back out of the timeout to scream at Lil' Dun, drawing a tech. The elbow came soon after. Our friend James Ham reported that Cousins had yelled "I got you" at Dunleavy before the incident. Ugh.

That Cousins had 24 points on 10-12 shooting before the blow-up is even more infuriating. Cousins cost his team a home win. That's inexcusable. He shouldn't have been mad at Dunleavy in the first place -- Dun wasn't trying to injure him or play dirty or anything. He boxed out Cousins on a fast break. Oh no! Get over it. Exacting revenge for such a shrugworthy offense is just crazy. Especially when everything else on the court was going well for Boogie.

The Kings still nearly got the win as Jimmer Fredette was liberated late. But what was bizarre and almost funny earlier in Cousins' career -- remember when he got himself booted from the season finale in 2010-11? -- is becoming or has become totally exhausting and indefensible. Stop doing this crap, man. Just stop.