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UPDATED - Here We Buy Night 2 Ticket Donation Thread

Here We... go again!!

Crown Downtown leading the chants at Here We Buy Night
Crown Downtown leading the chants at Here We Buy Night


-At the buzzer update-

THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT! We will now begin the process of taking down all of the known HTML donation buttons. The StR button will go down immediately (because I can actually control that). The button may take a while to go down depending on how soon the webmaster can work on it (hint,hint). So, if you happen to sneak a donation or 10 in after the buzzer, we’ll accept them as long as we’re able. From here out, we will stop pushing for donations and annoying you all with totals…until we’ve got more finalized numbers anyhow.

The official total at the buzzer was $8,066.91, enough for 460 tickets! Lemme put that into perspective. Kings fans from all over world, donated over $17000 and over 1000 tickets for 2 games, because it was the right thing to do...and probably because a handsome peruvian and a known moron asked them to. Pretty neat huh?

While the total was less than the first HWB night, this is in many ways, much more impressive. We received much less media hype. The campaign spanned over 2 weekend days. And, the tickets were more expensive.

This has honestly been quite overwhelming. You guys are so awesome. We’re sorry for annoying you for the last 2 years or so. None of this works without you guys. The finish line is ahead. I dunno about you, but I don’t intend to lose.


Here We Buy night 2 is next Sunday (March 24th) when your Sacramento Kings take on the Philadelphia 76ers. What's up Spencer Hawes?! Kings fans, this is your call to arms. Today we begin ramping up support to fill the old barn as much as possible (Quick note to a Mr. Darren Rovell: Hi Darren, it's me Ed. You know me...I'm the guy you misquoted a few weeks back by adding your own words when "quoting" my post. You know, the time you tried to make it look like we failed to sell out the first HWB night. Something we never set out to do in the first place. Please note that there is no mention of the intent to sellout this game. Well, that is of course, until you take the liberty of adding your own interpretation...again).

Sorry about that, I think I blacked out for a minute. Back on topic.

We'd like to think that everyone understands that this is a grassroots movement. We have limited resources. We are not a business, we have no employees, and we have no financial backing. We're not hedge fund managers or billionaire CEO's of software companies. Clearly our reach is limited, and we try not to promise anything we can't deliver. Again, this is a true grassroots movement. Obviously we'd love to sell out next Sunday's game. We'd love to sell out every single Kings game. Unfortunately, after spending years doing everything short of removing the freaking seats from the area to keep people out of it, some dudes decided to try to sell the Kings without asking us first. Lame, right? Anyway, we're not trying to kid ourselves here. A sellout is gonna be pretty tough to pull off and not likely to happen. There's still an insane number of tickets available so this will be an uphill battle. Personally, if we can get the same atmosphere we got last HWB night, I'd be ecstatic. That was probably the best game I've been to, emotion wise, so if you missed it, I suggest you do your best to make it to this one. 17k? 16k? 15k? Just give me another tailgate party, tons of loud ass chants, a chorus of cowbells, maybe a wave or two, and the night will be a success.

So on that note, and because so many of you have been asking for it, Kfipp and I will be doing another donation drive to send local kids and their families to the game! This will be very similar to last time in terms of logistics. The proceeds will go to a personal paypal account which we will then transfer to a personal bank account. EVERY penny raised will be used to purchase tickets for Sunday's game. We will then purchase hard copies of tickets from the arena box office personally. Those tickets will be distributed to the organizations we will be working with, who will then in turn make sure the tickets get into the right hands. We've provided an HTML button (below this post) you can use to select how many tickets you'd like to donate at a flat rate. Please keep in mind, you do not need a paypal account to donate. The embedded HTML button will allow you to pay with credit or debit cards, in addition to an existing paypal account. You can also send donations directly to via paypal.

It's a little more expensive this time, but only slightly. We were able to obtain a group rate of $17.50 per ticket. Once you add in the fees/paypal charges, we're looking at total price of $18.30 each. Like last time these seats will be located all over the upper level.

Once again we'll be working in conjunction with Donte Greene's COS foundation and 3Fold Communications. And this go round, we're very pleased to announce that you'll also be purchasing tickets for the Make-A-Wish foundation! Make-A-Wish will be distributing their portion of the tickets to local kids and volunteers. Last time we collected just shy of $10,000! That was enough money to purchase over 600 tickets for local kids and their families. Many of whom had never had the chance to attend a Kings game before. We enter into this endeavor without any expectations, but we know we'll collect enough money to buy a decent number of tickets while filling a few extra seats with smiling kids.

We're kicking off immediately, and depending on the reception, we intend to stop taking donations by Monday night at the latest. Last time around, we had to stop accepting donations a day earlier than we intended because of the overwhelming response. In fact, we found ourselves begging people to stop giving us money. If it comes down to it, we'll do our best to communicate to everyone that the donation drive is over ahead of schedule. Since we're about to ask that all of you help us by spreading the word within your own networks, we'd also like ask that you check this post periodically over the next few days, to track our progress.

That being said, in addition to asking for your donations, we will also need your help spreading the word not just about the donation drive, but the game itself. Tell your friends on Facebook/Twitter and help us keep the momentum going throughout the week. Post a fan post on other SB Nation blogs asking for support. Send a mass email out to your friends, family, and co workers. Call into the local sports and news radio stations to talk about the game and donation drive. Tell local news stations you'd love to see them do a story on this. And for God's yourself a ticket today, because you DO NOT want to miss this game!

Just a few more housekeeping notes: as some of you probably know, Kevin and I are not an official charity. We're not a business. We are just Kings fans. We do not have a Non Profit TIN (though we can obtain one from one of the recipient charities if its required). We clearly do not do this for a living. This is just our way of giving back to the community, while also raising awareness for HWB night 2, and the ongoing fight to keep the Kings where they belong. If it hasn't been made clear, this is a DONATION drive to send underprivileged kids, their families, and volunteers to a Kings game (apparently last time someone was confused and thought they were purchasing cheap Kings tickets for themselves; at least it was only one). If you have ANY questions at all please ask us, and we'll do our best to answer them.

We believe this is a great start to what will likely be a really busy couple weeks for Kings fans. On Monday, you will likely hear about Carmichael Dave's top secret project (Hint- IT'S BAD ASS!). On Thursday the city will hold an open forum at City Hall to discuss the development of a new ESC downtown. Sunday we have HWB night. The following Tuesday should be the night city council votes on a term sheet outlining the funding for a new downtown arena. And, just a few days after that, KJ should be in New York to present to the BOG.

If I were you, I'd try to get lots of rest this weekend. If you were waiting for a time to step, a time to get loud, a time to go out of your way to fight for this team...believe me, it's coming. This is it; it's either the end of an era or the beginning of a new one. This is everyone's chance to have a say in this process, whether you think it matters or not. Whether it's sending an email, retweeting something on twitter, or showing up to multiple events, we are going to need help, and lots of it!

 When this is over we intend to lay bloodied and beaten on the field of battle, victorious OR defeated, knowing we did everything we could. And we want you to be there to!

Lets do this. It's that time again..OUR TIME...and one way or the other, it's the last time. Stay Kings, stay!!


Keep fighting Sacramento