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John Kehriotis claims his bid for the Kings is coming soon

John Kehriotis, who intends to buy the Kings and build an arena in Natomas at no or low cost to the public, says he's still working on his bid.


Jim Crandell of FOX 40 News reported Thursday night that minority owner John Kehriotis still plans on putting together a competitive bid for the Sacramento Kings and building a privately financed arena in Natomas near the current site of Sleep Train Arena. But nothing is done just yet.

Members of the Sacramento City Council have expressed interest in Kehriotis' plan as it would remove the need for $200 million or more in downtown parking revenue to fund construction of the facility. However, it would also remove a big benefit of doing the project downtown: an economic injection into the core of the city and a solution for the Downtown Plaza conundrum. And frankly, it's a little too late. The NBA may be deciding this issue on April 3. And Kehriotis has given the public or the NBA nothing.

The council member most interested in the Kehriotis plan is Kevin McCarty, who has been a consistent vote against the downtown plan anyway. Even if Kehriotis' idea leads to one or two more members of the Council to vote against the downtown plan, it should survive. But this whole leaking vague promises without open efforts or details is rather annoying. It's time to put a plan on the table for real vetting or stop talking.