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Official HWB Night 2 Ticket Exchange Thread

Ed Montes wants you to hook a brother up.


I don't know how you all do it but, man you do it. Donations are still trickling in as I type this, and at last count we've received more that $8,100 in donations. Thats enough for 462 tickets to send kids, their families, and volunteers from multiple youth organizations/charities to Here We Buy night 2. That's just amazing!! Think about this for a second: for two games in the past month and a half, this community has donated over $17,000 (real money, fellas) and purchased over 1,000 tickets to send underprivileged kids and families to a Kings game!!!!! Yeah, Seattle, your campaign to collect email addresses is really cute!!

Kevin and I will be purchasing and distributing the tickets on Wednesday so keep an eye on twitter for possible pictures and updates on how that goes. For now, we move to another way we can all help get more fans out to Sunday's game. We did this last time too and there were plenty of comments asking if we'd do it again. So by popular demand, we're bringing back this thread for ticket exchanges/donations to other Kings fans who may not be able to attend the game otherwise.

This is how this is going to work: if you are willing to purchase a ticket or two and donate it to another Kings fan, post a comment below specifying the number of tickets you will be willing to buy. If you want to include certain guidelines on how and to who you'd like to buy these tickets for I feel you should be entitled to do that. Hopefully someone will reply to that post and provide an email address so that you can both connect and work together to make the transaction possible. There will be no one overseeing this, the ticket donation will be from person to person in whatever way you both agree works best.

We've even found a couple of links you can use to purchase tickets at a discounted price with no fees. Use this link with the code "cowbell" :

Also you can use this link for a discount and no fee's with a portion of the proceeds going to Shriner's Childrens Hospital :

Some things to consider? While we understand we shouldn't begin to tell anyone how to spend their money, especially since we already asked you to donate so much, allow us to make a small suggestion. If you're planning on buying 2 lower level seats and donating them, but you could purchase 6 upper level seats for the same price, we suggest you do the latter. The atmosphere should be great no matter where you're seated in the barn, and the more fans we get in there the better. Also, please keep in mind that tickets on StubHub have already been counted against the total attendance...but again, we're not going to tell you how to spend YOUR cash. It is up to each fan to make their own decisions when it comes to this and if you're willing to hook someone up, you're awesome enough as it is. We just want to make sure as many people make to this game as possible.

Thanks again for making the donation campaign an unbelievable success. Can't wait until Sunday (more details on the festivities, tailgate, chants, etc to come soon). Lets fill the place up!!