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'Playing to Win Tour' starring Carmichael Dave launches

Friend of StR Carmichael Dave is undertaking a massive, slick project.

Friend of Sactown Royalty Carmichael Dave is hitting the road for a cross-country voyage dubbed the "Playing to Win Tour." Dave and his crew -- radio co-host Sean Thomas and a videographer -- plan to visit every city whose NBA team owner sits on the league's joint finance and relocation committee. The goal is to ensure that these cities' NBA fans understand Sacramento's story. Because we understand it here in Sacramento. Everyone else involved in the decision should, too.

Kevin Johnson will share that story on April 3, and Dave is planning on meeting him there in New York after hitting a few cities on the way. The entire trip is expected to last a month.

The full details are available on We'll be following along here as well. After a bunch of local news hits today, Dave's hitting Oakland on Wednesday. You can donate and check out the schedule to see when Dave is coming to your city on the site.

Only in Sacramento, man. Only in Sacramento.