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The sprint to save the Sacramento Kings is on

The next six days are going to be an epic sprint for Sacramento Kings fans.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For years, we have just wanted resolution. Tell us if we're going to have a team or not. Let us move forward, let us slip out from under the thumb of the Maloofs and look forward.

That's about to happen, one way or the other. We may know on April 3. If not, we'll know on April 18 or 19. We'll have resolution. We'll be able to look forward to a new arena and new ownership for Our Sacramento Kings, or we'll kick some walls and shed tears and lament our fate. But we won't sit in anxiety.

We've never been a helpless bunch. The fan response has been so outstanding. That's been a hallmark of this fight: leaders have risen up and fought for our city. At City Hall. In the blogs. At the arena. EVERYWHERE. We've never sat on our hands. We've rewritten the playbook for cities trying to keep their team. We've raised the standard. And now we find out if it paid off.

Either way, believe in the process. We've kept awareness of the city's unfair treatment by the Maloofs high. We've told our story. It's time to do it one more time.

THURSDAY, 5:30 P.M., SACRAMENTO CITY HALL: The city will unveil the proposed term sheet with Burkle and Mastrov in a public workshop. We need fans to be there to ask good questions and show that the public supports a downtown arena.

FRIDAY, 5:30 P.M., ROBERTSON CENTER: The second public workshop. We need supporters there. There will be folks there to blindly oppose any use of public funds to revitalize downtown. We need to ensure they are not the only voice.

SATURDAY, 9 A.M., PANNELL COMMUNITY CENTER: The third and final public workshop. Let's tell city staff and our fellow residents what the Kings mean to us and our families.

SUNDAY, 7 P.M., SLEEP TRAIN ARENA: Here We Buy Night 2. We need more fans to buy tickets. We need to boost the attendance. We need to be LOUD. Spread the word at work and school. It's going to be a special night given everything that's happening this week.

TUESDAY, 6 P.M., SACRAMENTO CITY HALL: The City Council is expected to vote on the arena term sheet. The councilmembers that support the vision need support. Let's help them remain strong in the face of criticism. Let them know we appreciate their vision.

This is a sprint. Eight days after this City Council meeting is the finance/relocation committee gathering in New York. Now is the time. Let's leave it all on the proverbial court.

Let's get a roll call going here. For those in and around Sacramento, which events are you attending?