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#HereWeBuy Night 2 Chant Flyers

Here We Buy Night 2 is Sunday, so get prepared and print out your chant flyers.

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Here We Buy Night 2 is coming up this Sunday, so you know what that means: It's time to hand out chant flyers.

Below are a couple of links to download the Chant Flyers for this Sunday. Print out as many as you can and spread them around.

Full-Size Flyer

Four to a Page Flyer

More important than the flyers however is being AT THE GAME. There are still plenty of tickets available and a lot of affordable deals to buy tickets.

You can use this link to buy discounted tickets with no fees using the code "Shriners".

You can use also go to the Kings Ticketmaster page and use the "Subway Sunday" deal in which you can get a ticket for 50% off as well as a buy one, get one coupon for Subway.

The game itself will be a great time and there will even be fun events at the pre-game tailgate in Lot C. That tailgate begins at 3 PM. Bring your own stuff and be prepared to do your part as Kings fans. For more information on the tailgate, check out their Facebook page.