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As we wait for a Sacramento arena term sheet, opposition is invisible

There is a real lack of opposition to the Sacramento Kings arena plan.


The final of three public workshops on the Sacramento arena financing plan is being held this morning at the Pannell Center. The term sheet the Sacramento City Council is expected to vote on Tuesday is still not finished -- city manager John Shirey said if it's done this week, the vote will still happen. If not, the vote will be moved to April 2. (A special session on Thursday has been mentioned, but Shirey said he'd prefer not to do that.) The real deadline here is April 3, which is when Mayor Kevin Johnson and the investors will travel to New York to talk to the NBA's relocation-finance supercommittee about the bid. So the deadline for city action is April 2.

Every time you catch a story about the public workshops on the news, you hear a quote from an opponent. The lead guy told KCRA that momentum is accelerating for opponents. The guys suing to send this to a public vote (despite no tax increase) are citing the Maloofs' sandbagging economic analysis, which is hilarious. And reports from the two public workshops already held indicate that opponents are extremely few and far behind and totally outnumbered by supporters.

It's the modern broadcast journalism norm to always provide the air of balance. So I understand why the TV stations put these minority opinions on the air. But don't get it twisted. There is a massive appetite to do this deal, and a very small, loud opposition. Don't forget that as the opposition waves its arms in front of cameras over the next few days.