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Sacramento fans represent, but Kings fall to Sixers 117-103

Sacramento fans were passionate all night, but the Kings had a rough night on the court.


Here We Buy Night 2 featured a great crowd, but unfortunately for the first time in fan-organized nights over the past three years the Kings just didn't compete. The team played well early and had a double-digit lead in the first half, but then Jrue Holiday and Lavoy Allen took over and the Sixers ran away to win 117-103.

Holiday finished with 21 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists and five steals. Allen had a season-high 20 off the bench. Tyreke Evans was the best King with 19 points, eight assists and one turnover. Isaiah Thomas dropped 25, but had no assists. A couple of his buckets came in garbage time (I was stunned to see 25 in the box score) and his defense on Holiday was ... rough.

DeMarcus Cousins struggled with foul trouble and a rough offensive night. The Kings didn't rebound well on either end, especially when Boogie sat.

Spencer Hawes, who made some pre-game comments about hoping the Kings leave Sacramento, was booed mercilessly in the first half. A number of chants through the first three quarters came through loud and clear, but the blowout dampened some of the enthusiasm.

Sacramento fans can hold their heads high, though. High fives all around. Next up: City Council on Tuesday.