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News10 interviews potential Kings Majority Owner Vivek Ranadivé

In his first interview with the Sacramento media, Vivek Ranadivé talks about the opportunity to become the majority owner of Sacramento Kings and to turn the Kings into a global brand.

News10's Nick Monacelli brings us the first interview with new potential Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé. Ranadivé was recently announced as the third big time investor for the Sacramento Kings and will lead things on the team side.

I highly recommend you watch the entire interview, but here are some notable quotes:

On why he wants to join the effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento:

"Every now and then you have an opportunity that's bigger than yourself. And the opportunity to keep the Kings in Sacramento, when the mayor called and asked me about it, I couldn't possibly say no."

On how he sees the sport of basketball growing:

"If soccer was the sport of the 20th century, I believe basketball will be the sport of the 21st century. It's a game that can be played indoors, outdoors, by one person, by a small group of people. It can be played in rich countries and poor countries, by boys, by girls, in cities and villages. So I really believe that it will be the 21st century sport and we have the opportunity to make the Kings the first team of the 21st century and a truly global team."

On basketball in his home country of India:

"I have made numerous efforts already to reach out to the Indian community, both here and in India. Basketball is the fastest growing sport in India and we have a huge opportunity to establish a global brand for the Kings."

On what he'll tell the Board of Governors:

"Sacramento is a market that works, they've got a fanbase that's unbelievable and this is a city where this would be the only sports team and so it can be very, very successful. We've also assembled a dream team of investors. One of the lessons I've learned is to surround myself with people that are a lot smarter than me and so my partners are all smarter than me."

On the addition of the Jacobs family and the rest of the investment group:

"We now have people from all economic centers of the state, from San Diego, L.A. and from the Bay Area, all coming together to keep the Kings in Sacramento."

On investing in not just the Kings but also the downtown area:

"We believe that Sacramento will be a global center. It is the state capitol, and having a sports team is essential. Cities find it hard to really thrive without a sports team, and this goes back to the Roman times when they had coliseums. So we want to create the 21st century Coliseum, right in downtown Sacramento, and we want to develop that whole area. We think it's going to be magical. We think the entire world is going to applaud and enjoy this effort."

A great interview, and again a big thanks to News10 for getting it.