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Sacramento's bid 'gaining momentum' at league level, says report

ESPN's Marc Stein reports that Sacramento's bid to keep the Kings is gaining momentum.


With the public vote decided and deals in place in both Sacramento and Seattle, it's all about the NBA's finance/relocation supercommittee. And it's time to find out what they think. ESPN's excellent Marc Stein offers up a quick sub-140 report.

And what a time to gain that momentum.

For the last few weeks, for Sacramento, it couldn't be about Seattle, because we had not yet risen to that level -- we didn't have a current deal to build an arena. Tuesday's vote erased that deficit. Now both cities have solid bids to the buy the team (assuming that the Sacramento group, as reported, boosted their bid to be competitive with the Hansen-Ballmer bid) and approved, non-binding arena deals. Hansen has the advantage of having negotiated a deal with the Maloofs -- that is an advantage, don't think that it's not -- but Sacramento has possession of the team now and a strong argument that the Maloofs were never invested in any effort to keep the team in the Capital City.

I know we all want to be seriously optimistic, and we should be. But there are compelling arguments on both sides. So when a strong reporter like Stein says that a league insider notes that Sacramento's argument is gaining momentum, I listen.