The Most Interesting Man in Sacramento.... Suddenly

Chris Hansen, of the Seattle group trying to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, has put in the only bid to purchase the Bob Cook 7% portion of the team currently in bankruptcy proceedings. The documents seem to clearly state that the bid can be matched by a current minority owner of the Kings not involved with the sale.

The Benvenuti family, now that Joe has passed, seems disinterested in matching the offer Hansen has made on the 7% portion of the Kings. John Kehriotis states he is "stepping out of the way" for Kevin Johnson's group. Bob Cook may be ineligible to match.

Is Dave Lucchetti now the "Most Interesting Man in Sacramento?"


Dave Lucchetti is the son-in-law of the late great Fred Anderson. The same Fred Anderson who was a former minority Kings owner. Who was also involved in the Modesto A's, Sacramento Surge and Gold Minors and deeply involved in keeping and bringing sports to the Sacramento area. Fred & Dave were & are truly wonderful philanthropists as well.

If one wanted to place a bet on who would be most likely to continue Fred's legacy doing everything possible to keep the Kings here in Sacramento where they belong it is Dave Lucchetti.

Dave Lucchetti is also president of the family owned Pacific Coast Building Products.

Coincidentally, Sacramento just happens to be planning a huge building project that would require LOTS of building products. ;)

David Lucchetti owns just 1% of the Kings.

Could it be possible that 1% could be the difference that keeps the Kings in Sacramento?

Disclosure: I am a Sacramento Kings fan foremost so if this seems slanted to you, it probably and unapologetically is so.


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