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Mark Mastrov as Kings owner: how he'll lead

If Mark Mastrov's bid to buy the Sacramento Kings is successful, what will he bring to the franchise as owner?


Prologue: check out excellent pieces by Jonathan Santiago on Ron Burkle and Blake Ellington on Mark Mastrov. Our local blog community is awesome.


Many in Sacramento are becoming much more optimistic about the city's chances to keep the Kings. We learned Thursday that if Sacramento is successful, Mastrov will be the lead in the ownership of the franchise while Burkle will take the lead on the arena. So if all goes according to plan, Mark Mastrov will be the next owner of the Sacramento Kings, the man who pulls the strings, hires the GM, funds the operation and provides the vision for the team.

How might that look? Blake dug into the difference between Mastrov and Maloofs in terms of how they became wealthy: it's a story of entrepreneurship vs. inheritance. But what about the philosophies? This story on Mastrov from Success magazine offers a glimpse:

Mastrov says there's no special formula to trend-spotting. But it's clear that his habits contribute to his success-primarily in being curious, paying attention to what people are doing and what ideas are catching on, and in soliciting information from others he trusts. Whether it's how women are exercising in India, what types of mom-and-pop fitness centers are taking off in Korea, or the new fitness equipment popular among men in cold, dark, basement gyms in Russia, Mastrov is interested. And, when his information network makes a suggestion, he listens and looks for business collaborations.

"A big part of it is just keeping your finger on the pulse, whether you're Googling information about it, seeing articles that have been written or are getting feedback from the people on the ground," Mastrov says. "All points eventually start to align, and when your team starts telling you they're pretty excited and you're pretty excited, you start to feel good that it's the right time."

Curiosity, trend-watching, a wide net -- that's all much different than the Maloofs, who operate with a closed circle of trusted folks. The same applies to Geoff Petrie, who has augmented his staff only a couple times over the last decade and a half. (And we saw how long Jason Levien lasted.) If Mastrov hires a GM that thinks like him, the Kings may finally break out of the mire and embrace the New NBA, where data and scouting hold equally important places in the decision-making hierarchy.

As Blake mentioned in his piece, Mastrov's New Evolution Ventures owns Crunch, which has three Sacramento locations. If you're looking for a gym membership, that might be a good way to show your support for Mastrov.