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Making my peace with Keith Smart

As the season begins to wind down, I've made my peace with Keith Smart. I still hate his lineup choices, but I've come to terms with him. All things considered, he could have been a lot worse.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I've made my peace with Keith Smart.

This isn't some beef he and I had with each other. He knows nothing about this unless he reads my twitter during Kings games (which would actually explain quite a few things). This is me dealing with Smart as a Kings fan.

Keith Smart has been a big disappointment as head coach of the Kings. After last season, when it seemed Smart had truly connected with DeMarcus Cousins, I had high hopes. Based on what we now know of Cousins, maybe it isn't even Smart's fault that he couldn't live up to my hopes.

But those rotations. Oh god those rotations. Smart will speak in circles and generalities trying to justify his horrible rotations, and it only upsets me further. The rotations, the DNPs, ugh. I mean, think back to what Smart did to Isaiah Thomas early this season. Aaron Brooks! Isaiah was coming off the bench behind Aaron Brooks! Because Isaiah couldn't fit into the team's new offense that nobody has ever been able to understand, implement, or even identify. Sorry. I know this isn't coming across like a person who has found peace with Smart.

But really, I have.

Keith Smart seems like a good guy. I heard plenty of stories about how Paul Westphal was a really nice guy, but I just couldn't bring myself to like Westphal all that much. I like Smart. I think he's out of his depth as a head coach, but he's probably a hell of an assistant and some team will be fortunate to have him on their bench. Smart just strikes me as a guy who has a good energy about him, he's a guy who enjoys what he does even when that means interacting with DeMarcus Cousins every day.

I won't shed any tears when Keith Smart is no longer the coach of the Kings. I'm sure I'll still curse his name a few more times this season. But overall, this team, with these owners, could have ended up with a hell of a lot worse than Keith Smart.