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Vivek Ranadivé and the importance of the Indian market in the future of the Sacramento Kings

How important is Vivek Ranadivé's Indian heritage and desire to expand the sport there?


If I wrote a long post asserting that the fact that Vivek Ranadivé is from India and interested in linking Indian and American cultures, that David Stern is very interested in the NBA becoming the dominant sports league in Asia, that India (compared to China and the Philippines, at least) is relatively untouched by Western sports not named cricket, and that this all means that Vivek's presence in the proposed Sacramento Kings ownership group is a potential game-changer, I'd be called a fool and a hopeless optimist by plenty.

So I'm quite glad that a man smarter than I --'s Scott Howard-Cooper -- made those links. Scoop (a former Bee reporter) has seemed pretty convinced that Seattle would finish the job over the last couple of months. Things have changed. Scoop says they might have changed more than we know.

The unexpected addition of Ranadive to the Sacramento group last week is nothing less than a potential game-changer that could alter the look of the NBA for decades. [...]

"Look, the NBA wants to be the most popular sport in the world," [Kevin] Johnson told "If you're going to do that, there's two markets that are critical: China and India. You think we don't know that? You don't think that we don't know that we have an opportunity to help the NBA infiltrate into one of the most significant markets in the world? Absolutely. Vivek is going to be critical. He wants to make this a global team."

When KJ and Scoop say it, it doesn't sound so crazy, does it? Also note that Aaron Bruski pointed out a Reuters story in which Future Commissioner Adam Silver again mentioned the importance of China, India and Africa in the league's future, and in which it was reported that David Stern is ... going to India next month. It'd be pretty dope to be able to tell the media and fans there that his Board of Governors just approved the sale of the Sacramento Kings to a group led by Indian entrepreneur Vivek Ranadivé, right?

Thanks be to Rob336 for the FanShot.