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Sacramento looking to have Kings arena term sheet by beginning of April, approval before Board of Governors

According to The Bee, Sacramento city officials expect to bring the term sheet with Ron Burkle on a new downtown arena back to the Council in early April.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There have been rumors that the city and Ron Burkle are sprinting to get a downtown Kings arena term sheet done and in front of the Sacramento City Council by early April. Like, April 2.

Thanks to The Bee, that is a rumor no more.

City officials say they and their consultants and attorneys will begin formal negotiations this week with businessmen Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle [...].

They must decide how much the massive redevelopment effort will cost, divvy up those expenses, come to an agreement on how to share future revenues - and get it all to the City Council in the form of a preliminary "term sheet" by early April. [...]

Shirey said an early April return to the council should give the public a couple of weeks for discussions before a council vote [...].

That's cutting it close on both ends, but it's critical that a term sheet be in place for the NBA's supercommittee as soon as possible, and it's even more important that the public be allowed to (can I use this word?) vet the deal and understand it before a vote.

I'm beginning to realize that the Maloofs could have made this more difficult by waiting to sell the team until February. So, uh, thanks?