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Doubt Sacramento at your own risk

Outsiders are starting to realize what Kings fans have known all along; you don't count out Sacramento. Anyone still doubting us does so at their own risk.


I spent the past week on vacation with my family. I was away from my computer, I'd check Twitter on my phone from time to time, and I was generally out of the loop regarding the Kings. I've spent the morning perusing articles, trying to get caught up on what I missed, and the overwhelming trend I've seen from folks outside of Sacramento is a dawning realization. They're finally realizing what we've known all along. They're realizing that Sacramento isn't done.

We've been dealing with ignorance, both honest and willful ignorance, from outsiders since the news broke that the Maloofs were negotiating to sell the Kings to Chris Hansen's Seattle-based ownership group. We warned them not to count us out of the fight. And while we received plenty of sympathy and well wishes, few outside of Sacramento took us seriously. Now, slowly, some of the national reporters are noticing all the factors stacking up to make this a pretty fair fight.

Those whales we kept talking about and outsiders kept doubting that Kevin Johnson could deliver? Announced. City council support for a renewed arena deal? 7-2. Those deadlines everyone said we'd miss? Met.

Anyone who continues to doubt Sacramento at this point does so at the risk of looking like a fool. Sure, when news first broke it was easy to dismiss our chances. But now? Now there's no excuse. I'm not saying it's a done deal that the Kings stay. But it's looking better and better every step of the way. Each day there's a new mention of litigation in Seattle that could delay an arena. Each day there's news of Sacramento taking another step forward. The fight is far from over. It's ridiculous for anyone to be declaring a winner.

My family vacation this past week was to Disneyland. I looked around Anaheim. I saw plenty of people wearing basketball gear. Jerseys. T-shirts. I saw Lakers gear, obviously. I saw Trail Blazers gear. Bulls gear. Warriors gear, Heat gear, and Clippers gear. You know what I didn't see? I didn't see a single person sporting Anaheim Royals gear.

Don't count out Sacramento.