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Who would you keep?

The Kings roster is sure to see a total overhaul next season, but who should the Kings keep?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings current roster is a temporary arrangement. We all know this at this point. The pieces have been mismatched for years, but we also know that there is talent on the roster. The question becomes, who should the Kings keep beyond this year?

Obviously, there's a lot of work yet to be done before we know the future of the Kings, but for the sake of this exercise let's just assume the Kings are staying in Sacramento. Mastrov and Burkle win, and they bring in some new, unnamed, competent and conscious GM. It's safe to assume there's a new coach as well.

This discussions is already happening in various threads around StR and on Twitter, so let's bring it all into one thread. Who do you keep?

Do you keep Tyreke Evans? He's played pretty well this year, is taking fewer shots, is generally taking better shots, and has played the best defense of career. Or do you build around DeMarcus Cousins? Sure, he's got issues, but dominant big men are hard to find and maybe a better organizational structure will turn him around. Or do you build around Isaiah Thomas? He's a leader on the floor, a hard-worker, a high-character guy, and has been one of the team's best players each of the past two seasons.

Obviously the team will likely keep a lot of the current roster initially. In all likelihood there aren't going to be teams lining up to take Sacramento's cast-offs. Since there are so many options, so let's do a poll. Because of how our polls are set up, it's impossible for me to provide every possible combination of players that you might want to keep. Instead, pick the one guy you would want the Kings to keep above everyone else. Argue your case in the comments, including additional players you'd like to keep beyond the one player you voted for.