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Thomas Robinson waves a few red flags about Keith Smart's Kings

Thomas Robinson, recently traded by the Kings, speaks to SLAM Magazine about his time in Sacramento.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Robinson didn't say too much back when the Kings traded him to the Rockets. But SLAM's Maurice Bobb caught up with T-Rob and a few of the comments weren't totally kind to Keith Smart's regime in Sacramento, as you might expect.

SLAM: Photos surfaced of you working out with Kevin McHale. What's it like to learn from a great like him?

TR: It's amazing. He knows every trick in the book. He's great at his position and everything he knows about the game he can teach me. It's not like a guard teaching me or wing player. It's somebody that played my position. He knows what it's actually like to be under the basket.

Smart was a guard in the league. So was Bobby Jackson. The other assistant coach who seems to spend time working players out is Alex English, who was a wing. Of course, there's also the great Clifford Ray. Did T-Rob just not get any Clifford Ray time?

SLAM: Do you feel like you got a fair shake in Sacramento?

TR: I felt like I didn't get a fair chance to show what I got put in this League for and I really don't know why but I do know that I got a chance here.

This and another comment gets at frustration with a lack of consistent minutes, which is not a complaint exclusive to T-Rob. For all of the grousing we as fans do about Smart's rotations, it seems like the players get annoyed by it, too.

That said, T-Rob isn't getting any additional playing time in Houston. He's played a total of 66 minutes since the trade. Patrick Patterson has played twice as many minutes in Sacramento. So love Kevin McHale as much as he might, the new coach is acting similarly to the old coach in keeping T-Rob strapped to the bench.