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Stern: Sacramento bid must improve

David Stern stated in a press conference that there is a substantial variance between Sacramento's bid and Seattle's, and that the Sacramento bid must improve to be considered by the Board of Governors. However, Stern did add that there's still time for Sacramento to close the gap.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Commissioner David Stern held a press conference in Oakland on Friday, and stated that Sacramento's bid is not yet where it needs to be. Stern said there was a "significant variance" between the two bids, and that Sacramento's bid must improve before the NBA's Board of Governors would consider it.

While this may seem like horrible news, Stern said there was still time for Sacramento to improve their bid, and that he expects Sacramento's bid to be competitive by the BOG meeting. Stern also had a few other choice notes, including the note that Seattle's $30 million down payment would not be a factor in the decision.

Stern also noted that the Maloofs have made the process difficult for a Sacramento-based bid to be considered, but that the NBA BOG would take control of the process and, essentially, that the Maloofs would not be controlling the outcome.

A breakdown of the press conference from those who watched it directly:

And a calming insight from our friend Carmichael Dave: