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NBA draft 2013: Chad Ford's first mock has Kings taking Shabazz Muhammad

UCLA's older-than-we-thought star scorer drops into the Kings' hands at No. 7 in Chad Ford's first mock.


Chad Ford released his first mock draft of the season on Wednesday. The Kings are currently in line to grab the No. 7 pick, barring a lottery miracle for Sacramento or a team worse than Sacramento. And with that No. 7 pick, Ford bestows upon the Kings one Shabazz Muhammad.

Muhammad was a top high school recruit whose status fell off a cliff over the past year. He struggled to do anything but score at UCLA, and then he admitted he's a year older than he claims. So through high school and AAU in Las Vegas, he'd been dominating younger players. (Never mind the fact that he could have been in the NBA last year without the lies.)

He's a peculiar prospect that seems to play outside the team concept of basketball. So, basically, he's like just about every one of the Kings best players, minus Isaiah Thomas. What could go wrong?

For what it's worth, Ford has Trey Burke going No. 6 to New Orleans. For what it's also worth, Zach Travis did an excellent longform on Burke for