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Former Facebook Executive Chris Kelly Joins Sacramento Investor Group

The Sacramento Bee reports that former Facebook executive Chris Kelly has joined Sacramento's group. Mayor Johnson, Vivek Ranadive and Kelly himself all confirmed the report on Twitter.

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Another day, another investor for the Sacramento Kings.

Mere days after it was announced that Sacramento developer Mark Friedman was joining the Sacramento group, another investor has joined in: Former Facebook CPO Chris Kelly.

The Bee reports that Mayor Johnson, who worked with Kelly as part of the Democratic Party, connected Kelly and Ranadivé recently. Ranadivé reportedly wants Kelly on board in order to help realize his vision of making basketball the 21st century sport.

Ranadive was attracted to Kelly's involvement in the bid because of Kelly's "deep knowledge of social and digital media" and Ranadive's own interest in the future of technology in professional sports.

"What Vivek's experience with the Golden State Warriors taught him is what it takes to build a team for the 21st Century," the source said.

Both the Mayor, Ranadivé and Kelly confirmed the report on Twitter.

The Bee also reports that the Sacramento group is in the process of finalizing their bid, although it's unclear if they will meet a 5 P.M. Deadline set by the Maloof Family in recent days or if that even matters.

There are also reports that more investors have become interested in joining the bid although it's unknown if more will be announced. By all accounts, Vivek Ranadivé is said to be able to handle this transaction on this own, but according to the Bee:

A source close to the Sacramento investment team said the NBA has recognized that Ranadive - who is a part owner of the Golden State Warriors - has the financial capability to purchase the Maloofs' controlling interest of the Kings on his own. However, the source said that Ranadive is focused on "building a team of visionary leaders who can build an incredible (Kings) franchise."

It should also be noted that Kelly's involvement is not last minute. Per the Bee's Ryan Lillis: