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Kings still on pace to pick up No. 7 pick in 2013 NBA Draft

The losing has its benefits: the Kings are in still to finish the season with one of the seven worst records for the fifth straight year.


The Sacramento Kings have finished the season meekly, going 1-5 in April to now sit at 28-52 with two games remaining. Just three weeks ago 30 wins seemed attainable; the Thunder and Clippers now stand between Sacramento and that milestone. But at least it helps the Kings' playoff position.

The Kings remain in line to have the league's seventh worst record. Actually, Sacramento is tied with the Detroit Pistons for that honor -- if it seems like the Kings have jockeyed with the Pistons for draft position every year since 2010, it's because they have. There's a chance the Kings could move into a tie for the sixth worst record, as the New Orleans Hornets are 27-54. The Hornets' season finale is a visit to the Mavericks on Wednesday. A win there and two losses by the Kings would knot the two teams up at 28-54. With one win, the Kings could tie with the Washington Wizards for the ninth worst record. An unlikely two wins by the Kings would drop the Kings into a potential tie with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 10th worst record.

In case of a tie, the odds for the two positions at stake (say, sixth and seventh) are combined and split. A coin is flipped to determine which team gets any remaining lottery combinations plus first position in the draft if neither team wins the lottery. The Kings finished the season tied with the Nets in 2012 and won a coin flip to get the No. 5 pick. The Nets had sent their No. 6 pick to Portland.