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No one knows what's going to happen with the Kings

I would venture to say that what happens this week is a complete and total mystery.


In my opinion, we can officially determine that no one has a single freaking clue what's going to happen this week. Each side has reasons to feel confident and reasons to feel nervous. We might have an idea what David Stern, but he's consistently said the owners will decide. We might think the boosted bid from Chris Hansen doesn't matter; folks up north think the exact opposite. Someone's going to be wrong, and I wouldn't bet a found penny on whom.

I do have faith in Kevin Johnson, but I also know enough to know that sometimes there are forces at play greater than that which faith can defend. You think Seattle doesn't have faith in Hansen? Someone's faith is going to betray them this week.

It could be unanimous or near-unanimous going either way, or it could be split as close to the middle as possible. Something could fall through for Sacramento. Stern could ram it through for Sacramento. We don't know. All the confidence intervals and predictions and chest-pounding statements are just that.

Everyone knows how they best handle stress. Some people only focus on the positive. Others hone in on the worst case scenario to prepare themselves for bad news. The truly unfortunate like me bounce between the sides of the pendulum's case, clanking hard with every swing of mood. Do what you do.

Just don't think we know what's going to happen here.