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Every possible reason the NBA delayed its Kings decision

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We're all going to read into the NBA's announcement a vote on the future of the Kings won't be held this week based on what our psyches want or fear. So let's just put it all out there.


On Tuesday the NBA announced that the Board of Governors will not vote on the Kings' future this week after all. Immediately, the rational question becomes "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?" This is everything it could possibly mean.

David Stern does not yet have the votes to get Seattle rejected and Sacramento approved.
No vote for cloture until he has the votes for rejection!

David Stern wants to avoid doing this in public, and would prefer an email vote right before he goes on vacation.
The NBA is going to crush one of the fan bases. Might as well do it under the cover of night.

David Stern will ask the Board to consider expansion on Thursday and Friday, and wants to give them time to consider.
Also, I am selling unicorn foals, if you are interested.

Sacramento is having trouble formalizing its bid and partnership agreement, and Stern wants to be sure it can all be fully vetted before making a recommendation to the Board.
Though that wouldn't jive with what Sacramento has been saying.

The Sacramento investor group is on the verge of collapsing on itself.
My pendulum is swinging quite hard!

The NBA is actually considering contracting the team.

Stern is attempting to find a way to distract the Maloofs so that they cannot Maloof this up.
Has anyone advised that he should wave something shiny in front of them?

Stern and Adam Silver are too entertained watching the comment threads on StR and Sonics Rising to end this.
This is also why the government hasn't shut down Duck Dynasty yet.

The NBA is actually going to have both cities build their arenas and see which one is done first.
It's like real life SimCity. It gets really good when sabotage comes into play.

Stern wants to wait until Adam Silver takes over to make a decision.
"Well, time for me to clock out, buddy ... looks like this one's on you."

Stern is hoping this problem will just go away.
"If we don't make eye contact, maybe they'll stop talking to us."

Peter Holt and Stern are at odds over the decision.
And they are trying to lobbying each other and owners to their side. They both think they need more time.

This has all been a dream sparked by John Salmons' in-game hypnosis back in December.
The Kings are actually moving to Virginia Beach.


What possible explanations did I miss?


UPDATE: Of course ... stupid bylaws!