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NBA delay on Kings decision is procedural, according to report

Don't panic! The NBA delayed its vote on the Kings' future ... because of procedure outlined in its bylaws.

Scott Halleran

Oh, Ryan Lillis, you temptress:

So basically, the NBA did not announce a delay in the vote over the future of the Sacramento Kings because of any of the reasons I suggested this morning. They did it because their bylaws require seven days between committee recommendation and final vote. Because of course.

Today continues to shape up to be a very, very big day. So do tomorrow and Friday as the two sides lobby for votes. If a recommendation is officially made Thursday, the owners could vote by email by the end of next week. But we could very well know this afternoon what that recommendation will be. Or the committee could determine it cannot come to consensus on a recommendation, leaving it to the full Board to weigh the options. I don't think I've ever seen something this heavily obscured at the league level, and I watched the 2011 lockout pretty closely!