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Tonight's Pre and Post Game Activities!

You want the details? We've got em! Everything you need to know about tonight's pre-game Tailgate and the post-game After Party!

Tailgating to Win

When: 4/17, 5:30-7:00 PM
Where: Sleep Train Arena, Lot M or K. Keep an eye out for details on Twitter or just look for the giant purple RV.
The tour will be ending in the exact same place it was started, at home, with you, in front of OUR arena. Come join the party, sign the RV, and pick up some swag. There will be a grill fired up if you want to bring some grub, and some beverages on hand from Pepsi. Dave and the crew want to celebrate with you. Bring your own food and drink to join the party.

More details can be found on Facebook at:

Official Playing to Win After Party

When: 9PM (RV will get there after the game..10-ish) -Midnight
Where: BarWest on 28th and J
Drink specials when you show your Kings game ticket stub. The Kitchen will be open! The RV will be parked out front all night, and Dave and the crew will be there to celebrate. All ages are welcome until Midnight.

More details can be found on Facebook at:

Here We Sing

Tonight all 17,317 of you are encouraged to get on your feet and join in the singing of our national anthem. This is not a joke so start warming up your voices in the car on the way to the game!