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NBA "not even close" on Deciding Sacramento Kings Situation, Vote Could Be Weeks Out

The NBA super-committee in charge of deciding whether or not the Sacramento Kings should be sold and relocated to Seattle or not held a meeting today before the end of season Board of Governor's meetings. Both Peter Holt and David Stern said after the meeting that a vote was not close.

Patrick McDermott

We had all hoped to get some closure one way or the other this week, but it seems as if we'll have to wait a few weeks longer.

The NBA finance/relocation super-committee that is vetting both the Sacramento and Seattle bids for the Sacramento Kings held a meeting today to discuss both bids. Afterwards, both Peter Holt and David Stern offered comments that revealed just how far away we still are from a conclusion.

Holt, the chairman of the Board of Governors, said that the NBA was "not even close" to making a decision and that no recommendation had been made. In a somewhat surprising statement, he also added that expansion was not off the table, as has seemingly been indicated by David Stern in past press conferences. However, Holt did say that expansion was not discussed today. Holt also was asked about the topic of India, and said that it would not be a factor in the decision.

David Stern revealed that the super-committee would meet again next week and then make a recommendation. The actual vote would come a week or two after that, with the earliest possible time for a vote being the first week of May. Chris Daniels asked Stern if the Sacramento group was willing to put up a deposit for the team as Chris Hansen did, to which Stern simply replied "Yes". An earlier report by the Sacramento Bee said that Sacramento's latest bid was "non-binding", did not contain a deposit and also called for the Maloofs to withdraw from their deal with Chris Hansen. That same source indicated that the Maloofs had sent a letter to the NBA urging them to go forward with the Seattle offer. Different sources tell the Bee that the Sacramento bid matches Seattle's original offer but not the $16.25 million increase from last Friday.

Stern said that the discussion topics of the day included "financing, real estate, challenges, environmental reviews, lawsuits." He also mentioned that both Sacramento and Seattle would be given another chance to address the Board of Governors before the final vote.

The full Board of Governors convene tomorrow and Friday, and although there will likely be discussion of the Kings situation, there will not be a decision made.