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Blazers owner Paul Allen comments on Kings future

The Seattle native makes a strong case for keeping the team in Sacramento.


In 2008, Seattle native Paul Allen was one of two NBA owners to vote against the relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City. (Mark Cuban was the other.) Given that Allen is from Seattle, close friends with Steve Ballmer and would likely enjoy renewing the Pacific Northwest rivalry between his Blazers and the Sonics, one would assume he's a fairly safe vote for Chris Hansen.

Maybe not. From our good friend Ben Golliver at Blazer's Edge, who was in the scrum for Allen's end-of-season comments on Thursday:

I think it's a tough call. While I supported the Sonics staying in Seattle when they ended up leaving, I think in general there's some feeling that if there's good fan support and there's good political support sufficient to have a state of the art facility, that's more than enough reason to keep a franchise in the same place.

He goes on to say that he reserves his final decision. To have Allen -- who seemed like a sure vote for Seattle -- wavering shows that Sacramento has a chance. The fan support and political support have not been ignored.