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2012-13 Nostradumbass of the Year

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After year of fan predictions before each game, it's time to reveal the first annual Nostradumbass of the Year.

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This year at StR we started a new tradition, one that I wasn't sure was going to take off, but ended up being very popular: the Fan Predictions. When the news first broke that the Kings were moving to Seattle, the Fan Predictions went on a brief hiatus and I was unsure whether or not we'd continue, but I received e-mails and comments begging for it to come back, and come back it did.

In the end, 264 of you made predictions throughout the year (or at least, 264 of you made at least one correct prediction this year). But there can only be one Nostradumbass, and the person is...



The full results can be found here. The contest came down to the wire, and even my vast predictive powers didn't think I would be able to catch up to Adamsite, who held a 3 point lead heading into the final game. But like DeMarcus Cousins, I saved my best for last, with an 8 point effort to best Adamsite's 4 points for the buzzer beating game winner.

I am your Nostradumbass of the Year, but do not fret. You all will have another chance to dethrone me next year and for 35 more years at least. For I am Nostradumbass, and my final prediction of the year is that the Sacramento Kings aren't going anywhere.