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Maloofs Prefer Seattle Offer, Want Board of Governors Vote ASAP

As the first day of full meetings for the NBA Board of Governors wrap up, the Bee reports that the Maloof Family continues to prefer Seattle's offer for the Kings.

Yesterday the first full day of the NBA Board of Governors meetings wrapped up with little to no news regarding the Sacramento Kings future. As reported earlier this week, the NBA does not expect to decide the Kings fate during these meetings and will likely not vote until the first week of May at the earliest.

Still, the Bee was able to catch up with the Maloofs and in a totally unsurprising development, the Maloofs, prefer that the NBA approve the binding agreement they have with the Hansen-Ballmer group. They also want the NBA to vote as soon as possible. Fortunately, the Maloofs aren't the ones deciding this issue or else the Kings would have been gone two years ago.

The Bee reports that "disagreements have developed between the Maloofs and the Sacramento group, led by Silicon Valley software executive Vivek Ranadive, over some of the terms of Ranadive's backup offer." Gee, doesn't that sound familiar?

First among the disagreements is that Sacramento's offer is non-binding, which as Michael McCann points out to the Bee, is legally difficult to do when they already have a binding offer in place with Seattle. That is very likely the reason the Sacramento group's offer reportedly asks the Maloofs to back out of their current deal with Chris Hansen.

The Bee reiterates that Sacramento's offer matches Chris Hansen's original offer of $341 million for the team, but not the recent increase of $16.25 million. We still do not know whether the NBA has approved that increase or if they will ask the Sacramento group to match that as well.

Mayor Kevin Johnson and team are in New York despite not having a set meeting with the Board of Governors. The Mayor said he is there in case the NBA needs to call on him.