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George Skelton's broken chair at Sleep Train Arena

The L.A. Times' George Skelton is one of the deans of the Capitol bureau. He had a partial season ticket to the Kings ... until the arena fell into disrepair. Thanks, Maloofs!


George Skelton writes about state politics for the Los Angeles Times. For anyone concerned with the statehouse, the Governor, proposition battles, elections and the like, he's a must-read. Skelton and the Sacramento Bee's Dan Morain are my favorite opinion writers in California; the great Sactown Magazine did a lovely piece on Skelton in the December-January issue I recommend picking up somewhere. (I really enjoy having a subscription to Sactown. It's the magazine our city has long deserved.) And thus concludes this episode of Ziller on Political Journalism in California.

Anyway, Skelton wrote about Kevin Johnson's fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento for Sunday's paper. It's as good as you'd expect, given the writer. But there's also one helluva anecdote at the end of the column.

In fact, the last time I attended a game a few years ago my $115 seat collapsed. Ushers couldn't find me another. They provided a couple of cushions to sit on. That's when I decided not to renew my partial season ticket plan.

It's the kind of neglect that makes a sports franchise vulnerable - and a city and mayor crying out for new owners.

(No, Skelton's not a big guy.)

For a set of owners devoted completely to customer service, this must have been quite embarrassing. Right.

There's one more item to flag. It's a quote from Darius Anderson, the lobbyist who connected KJ and Ron Burkle back in 2011.

"I've never seen a more organized, articulate and compassionate speech" than Johnson's to the NBA owners, says lobbyist, investor and sports junkie Darius Anderson. "He played on every owner's heartstrings."

And now I am officially ready to run through a brick wall. Let's do this.