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Minority owners will match bid for Bob Cook's 7 percent by Wednesday, according to report

In a rollicking piece on the Kings fight, CBS Sports' Ken Berger reports that current minority owners will match Chris Hansen's bid for Bob Cook's 7 percent of the team.

Ezra Shaw

Ken Berger's piece on the final battle for the Sacramento Kings is a total must-read. Berger caught up with Kevin Johnson (in New York over the weekend for a wedding) to discuss how we got here. He also breaks a little news:

The Hansen group also has put in a bid for the 7 percent of minority shares in the Kings that are in bankruptcy, potentially strengthening its position. But a league source told that the other minority investors have the right of first refusal, and will be exercising that right before Wednesday. Those shares will be part of Sacramento's proposal, not Seattle's.

This whole piece of the puzzle appears to be a "break glass in case of emergency" thing, but it's still better for it to be in Sacramento hands than Seattle hands. So this is excellent news. Now we wait to see which local owner stepped up to grab the share.