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David Lucchetti matches Chris Hansen's bid on 7 percent stake in Kings

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Bob Cook's 7 percent stake in the Kings tied up in bankruptcy court will remain in Sacramento's hands.


As Aaron Bruski and Ken Berger reported would happen, a local limited partner has indeed told the bankruptcy court that he will match Chris Hansen's bid for the 7 percent of the Sacramento Kings tied up in bankruptcy proceedings. The Bee's Dale Kasler reported late Tuesday that David Lucchetti is the limited partner making the move. The Lucchetti family -- which came into Kings ownership via the late, great Fred Anderson, who is Lucchetti's father in law -- has been engaged throughout the process, though they aren't mentioned as much as the families with larger ownership stakes. But Lucchetti will now own 8 percent of the club, a really nice chunk. And he'll be lionized as one of the heroes in this fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

The move prevents Hansen from owning any portion of the Kings before the committee meeting on Wednesday to determine the future of the club. It's unclear why Hansen wanted to go after it -- a legal challenge based on right of first refusal, consolidation of ownership? -- but he doesn't have it. Well done to Lucchetti and everyone he worked with to get this handled.