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Sacramento Kings' fate a coin toss, according to one owner

Ken Berger talked to unnamed owners about the fate of the Sacramento Kings. One calls it a 50-50 proposition.


Ken Berger of CBS Sports have been covering the Sacramento Kings sale well, and he had a very interesting piece late Friday. Berger discusses David Stern's central concern: that the arenas promised in Sacramento and Seattle can be built quickly. Berger also writes that some owners -- it's unclear how many -- are concerned about whether Vivek Ranadivé and company can actually buy the team. (This is a concern Kevin Johnson this weekend laughed off.)

But if everything lines up for both sides, which way will the owners swing?

"I think it's 50-50," one owner told upon leaving the two-day meeting of the full board. "I think it could go either way."

This remains both stunning (giving the NBA's history on these matters and how we collectively felt in January) and nerve-wracking. Two weeks from today would be the first day we'll get an answer ... it'll be more likely be 16 or 17 days from now that we'll know. There's no word on whether the Sacramento bid was firmed up on Friday or Saturday as Stern indicated it would be, or in what way it needed to be firmed up. We're also waiting to hear which day this week the supercommittee will meet to determine a recommendation to the full Board of Governors. That could be the critical vote.