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When bad news happens

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In which we take exception to accusations of not reporting bad news.


There was a comment in a thread last week that said Sactown Royalty only reports on news that paints Sacramento's case in a positive light. The comment came from a troll that is better left to starve, but every now and then I can't help but feed them. This comment in particular bothered me for a number of reasons.

I'm very proud to be a part of the Sactown Royalty community. I remember the joy I felt when I found a group of like-minded fans. Like-minded fans who have made me a smarter, better-informed fan of the NBA and the Kings. I appreciate sharing your passion, your humor, your insights, and even your misery. I'm eternally grateful to Tom for giving me the opportunity to write for this site, which opened me up to a world of writing opportunities I would not have otherwise had. So when somebody attacks the integrity of this community, I get upset.

It also upset me because I feel we as a group have worked very hard to provide everyone here with a realistic assessment of the situation we're facing. We each have our moments where we're optimistic, we each have moments where we fear our certain doom. We have moments of snark. We have moments of cynicism. And while we obviously have a pro-Sacramento leaning, any attempt to say we only tell one side of the story falls apart when you start looking at our history.

When news first broke that the Hansen-Ballmer group signed an agreement to purchase the Kings from the Maloofs, that was obviously some bad news. We've covered it extensively. Perhaps that seems obvious, but look at some of our earliest posts and they weren't about how we would save the team. They were filled with dread that despite all our efforts, we'd actually lost the team.

We covered reports that there was a "clear path" for the team to move to Seattle. We reported quotes such as:

The NBA received an executed Purchase and Sale Agreement for the transfer of a controlling interest in the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family to an investor group led by Christopher Hansen.

We've covered rulings to dismiss lawsuits that would delay building a Seattle arena. And since those keep getting dismissed as Hansen argues he doesn't have an arena deal, we may have more opportunities in the future to report on these again.

We've written about reports that the Maloofs will ultimately control this process. That may not seem to be the case these days, but we covered it when it was reported.

When Stern said our bid must improve, we covered it. And despite there being plenty of ways to report on that in a positive manner for Sacramento, it was reported with a direct headline and a direct breakdown of how Stern said Sacramento needed to step up.

When there were delays in Sacramento delivering elements of our proposal, we reported on them.

When there are important meetings, we schedule live discussion threads. We don't wait until we know the outcome of these events. We cover these things as they happen.

When reports surfaced that Hansen was acquiring Bob Cook's 7%, we reported on it. That was hardly good news for Sacramento. And when reports came out that Sacramento would not, in fact, be matching on Cook's 7% as had been previously reported, we will put up a post on that. We discussed the rationale behind the decision, but that's a story that isn't hard to see as a negative for Sacramento.

When there were legal issues that seemed like they might hurt Sacramento's argument for keeping the Kings, we covered it. There was a lot of legalese to sort through, some of which is still not 100% clear, but we reported on it as best we could, and without trying to sugarcoat the ways it could hurt our chances to keep the team.

When Burkle suddenly had to leave the ownership group, we covered it.

Hansen increasing his bid? Reported.

If an article comes out with quotes both for and against Sacramento, we publish a post that includes all of those quotes.

And we've been careful around here when it comes to predicting an outcome. We're not going to tell you that Sacramento has this locked up. And no matter how much good or bad news comes out for either side, we'll tell you that really nobody knows what the Board of Governors will decide.

So I hope you'll excuse this troll-feeding, because I'm proud of the way we've covered a difficult situation. We haven't been perfect, but this is an unprecedented situation. Both for the NBA and for us as a blog. The Anaheim scenario was complex, but nothing like what we've seen over the last few months. Luckily we had a little practice coming into this.

We're going to continue to work hard to bring you all the latest news, whether it's good news or bad. You deserve that. You deserve an honest breakdown of the events that are shaping the future of this franchise. We still don't know how this whole thing will end, but you can rest assured that we're going to tell you when anything new happens.