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Kings officials in Sacramento told to plan for next season, according to report

Ailene Voisin reports, among other things, that staff for the Sacramento Kings have been told to plan for season tickets and promotions while the fate of the franchise is decided.


Ailene Voisin has another great column on the Kings' future. One interesting bit of news:

In Sacramento, where the financial bona fides of the potential ownership group sent shock waves throughout the league, Kings officials have been directed to prepare marketing and season ticket plans for next season. Further, the 2013-14 NBA preseason schedule includes the annual game against the Lakers in Las Vegas. Key team employees - many of whom have been pursuing other jobs because of the lingering uncertainty - also are being urged to sit tight.

It's only an indicator of how seriously the league is taking Sacramento's chances. The final decision comes down to the Board of Governors. But given the incredible talent flight and how everything ground to a halt in 2011 when the season ended, it's great to see the NBA encouraging staff to keep planning for a next year.

It's also worth noting that according to Chad Ford, Geoff Petrie was indeed at Nike Hoop Summit in Portland last week, scouting incoming college freshmen and international prospects. He has not, to my knowledge, given his annual debriefing to the media. Nor has Keith Smart, as far as I can tell. The uncertainty is certainly a disadvantage for the team -- Mike Brown has already been taken off the market by the Cavaliers -- but it's one I'm certainly willing to deal with if it means potentially keeping the Kings.