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Is the NBA offering Seattle an expansion team in 2014-15?

A Northern California sports talk radio host reports via sources that expansion is on the table.


Tim Montemayor, who used to host a late-evening show on KHTK before going to work in St. Louis and now in San Francisco for KNBR and KGO Radio, had some interesting tweets late Wednesday. They've been discussed in other threads, but I wanted to boil them down for folks who couldn't get through the 1,000+ comments we're getting each "slow news day."

So if Monty's report is accurate, the only thing holding back expansion -- the best solution for both cities and the league -- is Chris Hansen, who refuses to wait another year. For the sake of the people of Seattle, I hope he comes off that position and gets those fans a team. Assuming the report is accurate.

As for the report's accuracy, I'm cautiously optimistic. Montemayor has reported some info on the relocation battle a couple of times, but nothing as major as this. Let's hope other reporters step in and confirm or deny quickly.