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Goodbye to all this: The Sacramento Kings saga at its merci(ful/less) end

If the NBA relocation/finance supercommittee makes a recommendation on the fate of the Sacramento Kings on Monday, we should know. And chances are it will determine where the Kings will play next season.


We've been writing about relocation since Sactown Royalty was launched in 2005. It's never ended. There have been pauses, breaks, respite. Times in which we could focus on our horrible team -- 231-409 since this site launched, second-worst in the league -- instead of the horrible potential of not having a horrible team to call our own. But these moments of peace and grousing about players have been repeatedly interrupted by threats, rumors, concerns and a deep, unabating fear of relocation. Since February 2011, it has been the single most dominant storyline in Sacramento at the expense of everything else.

For more than two years now we've been forced to cover City Council meetings like playoff games, the Board of Governors like the draft class. We've previewed more NBA owner committee meetings than Sacramento Kings playoff games in our 7-1/2 years. And today is another, the committee meeting to allegedly end all committee meetings. The end of our suffering, one way or the other. A bullet or a pardon. Fireworks or waterworks. This is the end.

So long as we're giving speeches -- we're giving speeches, yes? -- I want to say that there has been a silver lining in this intractable mess: meeting and working with guys like Blake Ellington, James Ham, Ed Montes, Kevin Fippin, Mike Tavares and all their families. Volunteers, all. Champions, all. Sacramento doesn't fend off the Maloofs this long without each of those fellows. I knew Carmichael Dave well before 2011 -- I said he looked like a hobo on this site circle 2007 or so -- but seeing him in action, fighting for something he deeply cares about has been a revelation. Fearless, gutty, unstoppable. Without that guy in our corner? We aren't here.

And of course my brothers here at StR. This site would not exist without them.

Rob's been around a long while, and he's been such a strong advocate for that which is good and right about this community and broader Kings fandom. He gives up so much time, energy and patience to ensure this community has a high signal to noise ratio. I could never repay him for his exhausting work here. (Literally, the global market for Zillerbucks has tanked with all of this uncertainty.) If websites had souls, Rob would be that for Sactown Royalty.

I added Greg to the front page to write parody songs. He grew into one of SB Nation's very best writers. All the way from Colorado he's been an eloquent advocate for his hometown and for our team. He's put in hard work, long hours and lots of prose into helping us make our case. And he doesn't even live here. That's how strong this community and the spirit of Sacramento are ... and a reflection of how awesome Greg is.

Akis is a powerhouse, period. He'll drop an analytic piece on you. He'll drop a legal piece on you. He'll drop a mindblowing pun on you. He'll drop a coffee-spitting Photoshop on you. He basically never stops writing, never stops working, never stops fighting for Sacramento. He spurred the whole Here We Stay thing back in 2010 with Blake. All while co-editing a blog, writing regular recaps and analysis pieces and a really good column and going to school. Akisbot is real, people, and without him and Greg and Rob, you're getting nothing but a steady diet of cross-eyed navel gazing from me over the past three years. Akis is an impeccable writer and thinker, always a step ahead of the story and never losing track of what should be said, should be written, should be done. I feel like I hit the lottery when he moseyed onto StR five years ago.

And of course, much love to Kevin, who added StR's social media channels to his Here We Stay/Here We Build work and has been FANTASTIC in that role, and The Wizard of Biegler, who had at least 20 Didion references before I cracked out the headline to this post. (Seriously, it's humbling to be able to hit 'publish' on a Biegler piece.)

There are lots of other people to thank, and that will happen, no matter what happens. But this regrettable episode has had the benefit of strengthening these bonds new and old, and for that I am appreciative.

The rest of this whole saga? The uncertainty, the nerves, the anxiety, the distraction, the positing, the posing, the posturing, the fighting, the doubt, the butterflies, the perpetually lengthened horizon: goodbye to all that. And good riddance.


This doubles as an open thread for today's committee meeting, which should definitely happen before midnight, I think.