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Full NBA Board of Governors to vote on Sacramento Kings recommendation on May 15

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David Stern said on Monday that the NBA Board of Governors will get together in two weeks to formally vote on the future of the Sacramento Kings.

Scott Halleran

David Stern addressed the Sacramento Kings relocation denial vote Monday night. He said he was surprised that the committee was unanimous in rejecting the Seattle relocation application, and said that the NBA Board of Governors will meet on May 15 to vote on relocation and purchase of the time. We hope that means that the Board could approve sale to Vivek Ranadivé and partners on May 15.

An NBA spokesman told me he expects the relocation committee's report will be sent to the Board this week.

The NBA draft lottery is on May 21, for what it's worth.

Stern didn't give out much more info, and in his press conference Kevin Johnson didn't have much news to share. (He did caution against dancing in the end zone.) This will largely unfold behind the scenes between now and May 15. I suspect we'll hear about a deal between the Maloofs and Ranadivé OR the Maloofs' refusal to play ball before then.

May 15 is two weeks from Wednesday. The NBA's bills for gubernatorial travel must be outrageous.